Al'Aeolus Sol's Journal

My travels took me to the small, isolated town called Arefu – the scene of mindless pillage accompanied with some good old-fashioned slaughter. The remaining townsmen, led by the valiant mayor Tenpenny (who survived the last attack by courageousy hiding under his wifes bed) decided to put on a huge bounty for the head of the bandit leader, one named Birming Blackbow. As it turns out the Blackbow gang was living of this town for the last 7 months and the townsmen were getting quite upset about it, but still instead of grabbing their torches and pitchforks the cowards decided to pay somebody else to do their job for them. That somebody was me. After some negotiation with the aforementioned mayor (a man who looks more like a big ball of pudding than a man) I got a deal: for eradicating the whole gang and bringing Blackbow’s Black bow as a proof of his early demise I would get paid 5000 dollars.

The information I gathered claimed that the gang was numbering between 50 and 70 well-trained men. Their leader, the famed Blacbow was supposedly the best archer in the north, who kept his position as a leader of the group through a combination of respect and intimidation. I also found out that occasionally some new young hotshot would come to challenge Blackbow for his title, he of course would accept the challenge , beat the poor sod and execute him after he lost. It was an effective way of keeping his crew in check, and reminding them that he still had what it takes to be a bandit leader.

Knowing that taking out a gang by myself would be just a bit out of my league I decided to use some unconventional methods… after stocking up, I sneaked into their “well hidden” camp. After hours of patient observation I noticed two groups forming, one around the tall slender figure I dubbed as Blackbow and the other one around a hulking mountain of a man who appeared to be Blackbow’s second in command.

Having everything I needed I stepped into the light. After some commotion that required me to surrender all my weapons or be shot, I was introduced to Blackbow. He was quite a pompous git I expected him to be, and after exchanging pleasantries I challenged him to an archery competition claiming myself as the deadliest shot and demanding his bow if I won.. The “duel” or “my execution” ass he called it was scheduled in the morning and I was free to get my last drink(s) and do whatever I want without leaving the campsite. I used the time for drinking, relaxing and making some friends…

The next morning came and I was taken away by Blackbow and two of his men, to my delight Bragwen (or the monstrously big bloke with a huge axe) and five of “his men” came along too.

The target was set at 2000 feet, the participants were standing on the elevated area, and the crowd (if you can call 7 men a crowd) was standing some 100 feet left of us.

Blackbow shot first, and unfortunately for me he hit his bloody mark right through the middle , proving himself as the most accurate man in the north. Unfortunately for him I also hit my mark, the furious look of realization was wiped from his face by a jet of blood that came squirting out of his throat. The great Blackbow drowned in his own blood while his loyal men were cut down by traitor’s axe.

As was agreed Bragwen became the new leader, and I got the bow, and a safe escape. I also took the magnanimous reward from the bedazzled mayor along with the title of [[the Deadliest shot]...

Oh , and the whole gang was found dead two days later, without any signs of struggle , the doctors that examined the bodies concluded that they all died of drinking poisoned wine at the “we have a new leader” celebration. The poison remained unidentified, but I can tell you that it was a simple concoction of bittergreen petals with just a touch of nightshade...

Al'Aeolus Sol's Journal

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